Whether importing or exporting your machinery, United King Transport Systems has the ability to make all your cargo shipping arrangements in North America through Land, Vessel, or Rail. Full Truckload or LTL.

Flat Beds & Heavy Hauls:

United King Logistics is your one and only call you need to make when it comes to your flatbed freight. Our flatbed division consists of a fleet size of over tractors and trailers and is well suited for all your flatbed needs. With an authority that includes all Canadian Provinces and 48 states of America we are here to take care of all your Flatbed shipping needs.

Dry Vans:

Whether you are shipping paper products, beverages, or electric generators United King Logistics has extensive expertise to handle all of your dry van requirements. Our transportation professionals are trained and knowledgeable with many of the different loading techniques involved with logistic dry vans. From creating double floors to using all the tools necessary for blocking and bracing your cargo, they ensure the safety and integrity of your cargo. Claim free service is our commitment to our customers.

Custom Trailer Design:

United King has the expertise to provide services for custom trailer design, jigs, etc.
Modification of standard trailer types such as flatbeds, single and double drops, stretches and extensions.


would personally like to thank all those who are taking the time to explore employment opportunities at United King Transport.

" This is a remarkable team and we welcome you to be part of this successful organization. This may sound like a cliché, but if you were to ask yourself what makes United King different from the competition, the answer is simple, "Our people and our commitment to our customers". Our employees are committed to ensuring that our customers are provided with exceptional service and that we deliver on our promise. "